Tom MacDonald and Tony Unger have been playing  together the last twelve years. Their repertoire includes Brazilian, American , Country, Folk, Spanish, well, just about everything....each coming from different backgrounds  with their own unique styles but together blending a creative, rich sound they like to describe as Perforated Pop with a Flamenco Jazz twist .

Last year they incorporated bassist Gerry Pineda who brings with him an amazing amount of  influence and experience. 

The group plays locally at various venues such as The Golden Era, Friar Tucks , Wild Eye Pub and others.

For bookings please contact : tonyungermusic@gmail.com


Tom MacDonald

Singer songwriter, Tom MacDonald, has been a professional musician for over 40 years. It started when his family relocated to Brazil in the 60’s and Tom’s dad bought him his first guitar,  being self taught, he formed his first band while in high school incorporating some of the Brazilian rhythms beating all around him.  Once back in the States he continued performing solo and with different groups. Opening up for Three Dog Night, Norton Buffalo, Maria Muldaur, David Lindley and Crosby, Stills & Nash  with his group Matinee Forever, he then formed The Pleasure Addicts creating a jazz infused sound.  He rock & rolled the next 20 years with Buck Love & The HumperHeads and now is currently playing in two duos, The Nut Boyz and Tom MacDonald & Tony Unger.  Over the years he has developed a bold percussive picking style with a strong rhythmic sense. Tom plays local venues and throughout the upper western states
“I love playing music because it is the universal language of the he.art”


Tony Unger

Tony was born in Germany and raised in Switzerland and Spain. He began studying  classical guitar at age nine.  Soon enough the love for Rock music lead him down a path filled with the sounds of Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc.....Other types of music were very influential as well during those forming years, espacially Flamenco, all the Jazz greats folk musics from various countries.

Tony played in many bands of many styles before he settled in northern California where he has been playing locally and in the greater Sacramento area for the past 20some years  and has performed on many stages, opened up for Jose Feliciano and others and  recorded with various artists .

Recordings include "A Light In Winter" with Lorraine Gervais, "Devotion" and "Malagueña" with Ivan Najera, and a solo album   "Nuance"

Gerry Pineda

Gerry likes playing the bass because there are only four strings and he only has to play one note at a time––––– he likes that a lot!  Gerry wasn’t always a bass player. His first instrument was the piano. He started piano lessons at nine years old, but after discovering the Beatles the next year, switched to the guitar.  Upon further examination of the Beatles music, Gerry decided to play the bass because of Paul McCartney’s melodic bass lines. To quote another one of his favorite bass players, Gordon Sumner (aka) Sting,   "Paul is the Guv’ner, mate!"


Gerry played electric bass in jazz and rock bands throughout his high school years eventually discovering the double bass when he was sixteen years old. This is when his jazz education began. His early influences were Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Scot La Faro and Eddie Gomez.

Gerry holds a  BM in Jazz Studies and a MM in Double Bass performance from California State University Sacramento.  He has also had the honor of receiving two critic’s choice Sammie awards for best Sacramento Bassist.

Along with his private teaching studio, Gerry also teaches at University of the Pacific and California State University Sacramento. His jazz career includes performances with notable jazz artists: Nick Fryer, Joe Gilman, Eddie Harris, Brian Kendrick, Patrick Langham, Geof Keezer, Joe Mazzaferro, TIm Reis, Simon Rowe, Greg Tardy and Ernie Watts.

Gerry's rock and pop performances include sharing the bandstand with: The Tatooed Love Dogs, Johnny Favorite, Love Marines, Neo Geo, and Mindx.  Gerry’s favorite quote: “Music is the best!”  Frank Zappa.

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